Frequently Asked Questions

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What products are being enhanced?

We are making changes to most of our chequing and savings products for our personal, business, agriculture, community and lawyer/real estate trust members.

Our products have become even more aligned with how our members prefer to bank! Our personal chequing products come with free Interac e-transfers, our business/agriculture/community products have more flexibility and we have introduced new products for our members who do more banking digitally. To find out more about the new products, click here.

The First Calgary No Fees For Me account will not be changing.  Click here to access the ancillary fees guide for account updates.

Will there be changes to my loan, term or registered products?

No, there will be no changes to your current loan, term or registered products.

How do I find out what my current products are?

You can look at your statement(s) or sign-in to online or mobile banking to see the name of your current products. Need help? Click here for the contact information for your credit union.

What if I don’t see my current products on the list?

Only the products that will be changing are included in the product lists. If your product isn’t listed, it will be staying the same. If you have any questions, or are interested in any of the new products, contact your credit union

The First Calgary No Fees For Me account will not be changing.  Click here to access the ancillary fees guide for account updates.

Can I change to a product other than the one I am currently set to move to?

You sure can! Contact your credit union to talk about which new product is best for you.

Will there be changes to my statement?

Our First Calgary members will see a change to the frequency of their statements in November as well as the look of the statement. Click here to find out more.

System Upgrades

Why is Connect First Credit Union upgrading your systems?

We want to continue to bring our members the best experience – and to do that, we need to upgrade our system to ensure we can offer the latest technology and provide future enhancements.

How will this system upgrade benefit me?

In addition to the new digital banking experience, our members will be able to bank at any of our credit union branches in the Connect First Credit Union family. This includes all Chinook, First Calgary, Legacy and Mountain View Financial branches.

We will also have enhanced chequing and savings products that include benefits like free Interac e-Transfers and free deposits. Find out more about the products here.

And behind the scenes, the increased efficiencies will mean we can serve you better. Less time spent on paperwork and processes, means more time with our members, finding new ways to bring you a remarkable banking future.

How do I find out about the latest updates?

Click here to update your information so we can reach out to you with information on our upcoming changes. You can also update your information by logging in to your online banking or by giving us a call!

About Us

Who is Connect First Credit Union?

Over the past few years, four amazing Alberta credit unions have come together under the banner of Connect First Credit Union.

First Calgary Financial, Chinook Financial, Mountain View Financial and Legacy Financial have been helping our members achieve their financial goals and dreams and strengthening our respective communities for over 75 years. Collectively, we serve more than 120,000 members across 41 branches in central and southern Alberta communities.

Why is the Connect First Credit Union logo on your material?

Many of our members don’t realize that their credit union is part of a bigger family! We have a vision of creating a credit union built for our times and if you bank with First Calgary, Chinook, Legacy or Mountain View Financial, you will be hearing a lot more about Connect First in the months ahead.

What changes are coming to my credit union?

Read about the exciting changes coming to your credit union!  We’re working to bring you a remarkable banking future.

How do I talk to someone live about the changes?

Visit our contact page to find the phone number for your credit union. We look forward to talking to you!